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Thing to remember when you are Painting your House

1. No smell

The sharp smell of the paint causes an unpleasant feeling, as well as inflammation of the respiratory organs and lungs. Allergies.

Water-based paint dehydrates because it absorbs water with special diluents. You can still sleep in a room where your painting works.

2. Do not snap

When it’s time to repair, lots of paint drops. It is related to paint quality. Lead-based oil paints can be easily cracked and pushed, which affects people’s health. The water-based paint has the advantage of mechanical damage and good fit.
1. Water resistance

Cleansed by laundry, it does not wade. 10,000 washable. No fungus.

2. Paint a lot more

3. The desired color can be obtained

4. Excellent ability to withstand. All of these requirements can be provided by CYSQ water-based paints. The paint can be painted on all surfaces, such as concrete, mud, wood, iron, plaster.

The most advanced water-based, non-toxic CYSQ paint is provided by “Mr. Trade” LLC. The paint is human health and environmentally friendly and is internationally valued.

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