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Thing to remember when you are Painting your House

People think painting one’s own house is easy and does not require much effort, but you’d be wrong and are in for a surprise if you believe that way.

You need proper planning and need to know what you are doing before you embark on that journey.

If you are considering painting your house, it’s best advised to get help from professionals or people who have experience doing it for a long time, but unless you really don’t have the budget and have time out of your day to be painting, then it’s up to you.

Regardless, here are a few things to keep in mind when you start a painting project.

Plan The Color Scheme

Do you know what colors go well with what? It’s a good idea to at least have some understanding of color theory and how you can match your walls with your furniture.

Before you actually start painting, trying making an image in photoshop or a similar program. You don’t want to be upset about the result once everything done and finished.

Get The Right Paint

Different walls have different types of paint that go well with it. If you are painting over a wallpaper, you need less thick types of paint whereas if you are painting directly on a wall you have to get a stronger concentrate of the paint.

Also, do know that your paint will not look exactly the same once you apply it on the wall. You do have to go over a few rounds in order to get the full color. Otherwise, you might have some areas that are little light and faint whereas some other areas are stronger and bright.

It Costs More Than You Think

People might mistakenly believe that painting your wall is a simple process of going up and down until you finish the whole part of the wall. That is not necessarily true.

Depending on what type of wall and what type of paint you have, you might have to apply a solution, then apply the first layer of paint, then the second layer.

There are many horror stories of people trying to paint their own homes without much knowledge only to end up with a half-painted house.

It’s always better to plan that you might actually end up spending more than you think. Being too optimistic and being too cheap can actually end up costing you time and money.

Be Aware of the Smell!

Once you paint your home, do remember that the smell is going be unbearable. It is recommended to perhaps wearing a mask while you do paint and spend a few days away from home when you are done.

Sometimes it can take 1-2 weeks for the smell to become bearable. Small apartments require a few days for the smell to ease, but the bigger the house, the more likely you will have to wait.

And make sure to cover your furniture with air sealed blankets to prevent the smell of paint sticking to your furniture.



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